In August 2018, the IRIFIV Action Research Group that includes the IRIFIV Fertility Center was founded on August 31, 2020, at the initiative of a group of gynecologists and reproductive biologists, who are eager to help couples with impaired fertility and here we provide medical consultations, scientific and medical articles about reproduction, medicine, embryology, genetic reproduction, presentations, and medical lectures to publish the scientific literature of university students and beginners in embryology and andrology.

The purpose of the development of scientific research techniques and new information in writing articles is to show recent information, preparations, stimulation, and fetal alternatives, and also to present more researches about fertility, especially to the suffering of husbands, since unfortunately it has rarely been shared with their relatives and families.

IRIFIV Scientific Research Group (AISRG) brings this medical specialty to the fore along with major technological advances in women’s health care in the world. Therefore, caring for informed couples is becoming less difficult and sometimes they become applicants for additional checks from the biological clinic team.

Art Irifiv Science Research Group (AISRG), Objective of the Art Irifiv Science Research Group (AISRG) Maintaining consistent and reliably high success rates is a monthly challenge for in IVF labs, the IRIFIV Fertility Center in Casablanca – Morocco Department of Reproductive Medicine and Reproductive Biology and Embryology , advocacy of interdisciplinary Department of Reproductive Medicine and Reproductive Biology and Embryology study, encompassing the areas of research, collections and publishing Articles.