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Amina Benzaouiya1, Achraf Zakaria3, Mustafa Zakaria4, Sabri yassir3, Abdelghani Mrini1,Bouchra ElKhalfi2, Abdelaziz Soukri2, Modou Mamoune Mbaye*2,3,4 and Noureddine Louanjli 2,3

Infertility is a reproductive system condition defined as pregnancy after at least 12
months of regular unprotected sexual intercourse. Male infertility affects 10-15%
of men of childbearing age and is associated with more than 1% of infertility cases,
regardless of female involvement. The causes of male infertility are diverse and difficult
to classify because they are sometimes complex and associated. They may concern
different stages of sperm production or sperm transport and maybe acquired or
congenital. For several years, the involvement of the environment in male infertility
has been the subject of much research. When a man is treated for infertility, all
factors that may impact fertility must be considered, and a complete workup must be
performed. The aim of our work is to describe the general profile of male infertility
in patients at the in vitro fertilization center (IRIFIV) Casablanca, Morocco. This is a
retrospective and descriptive study of 331 patient records seen in consultation for a
couple’s marital infertility between January and October 2019. The mean age of the
patients was 37.5 years. The mean duration of infertility was 5.5 years. Infertility was
primary in 70.9% of cases and secondary in 29.1% of cases. Clinically, varicocele was
the most frequent anomaly in 65.9% of the patients. The seminogram was disturbed in
72% of cases. The primary disturbances were oligozoospermia in 40.20 % of cases and
asthenozoospermia in 37% of cases. The general pattern of infertility is polymorphous.
The causes of the observed male infertility are multifactorial. Male infertility is usually
caused by a quantitative and qualitative sperm abnormality. The improvement of
infertility management must involve new research avenues, mainly genetic and
immunological, to identify the usually hidden causes of infertility


Article History
Received 1 June 2021
Revised 21 July 2021
Accepted 23 July 2021
Available Online 24 July 2021


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