RFC certificate for Embryologist and Reproductive Biologists




Our Research Fellowship Certificate from Association for Scientific Research of the IRIFIV-AISRG Group and opportunities in human reproduction and infertility represents in the Kingdom of Morocco.
Subscribers must send us 12 articles for a year, one article per month, including 6 review articles of your choice from among the three article titles that will be It is sent to your inbox on the 16th of every month, and you must choose one article title. 6 Search for articles of your choice in one of the three article titles, which will be sent to your private mail on the sixteenth of each month, and you must choose one article – commodity * and after the end of the period of time the certificate is issued a fellowship and it is documented by the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Rabat Morocco and send a certificate to you until your home address, and your name will be uploaded to the researchers’ portal in the Association for Scientific Research